Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wed 31 Dec - Going camping in Chaing Mai

Sah wat dee krap, (Thai - greetings)
It is 8am Wednesday morning and Kiel and I are checking out from the Panda House where we have stayed for the last 3 days in Chaing Mai. We are waiting to be picked up by Mark & Joanne Hunter, a missionary couple that I know of through Anne St (my church in Australia). We will be camping with them near Chaing Rai in the far north of the country.
While waiting in the lobby of the guesthouse, the Thai news on TV has shown footage of the demonstrations going on in Bangkok. We are aprox 1200km away from Bangkok ande there is no sign of political unrest at all - in fact it is an amazingly calm atmosphere considering the number of people that live here and the long hours that people seem to work.

The city seems to come alive in the late afternoon when all of the stalls begin to set up aong the street. The footpaths quickly grow power points, and "all-in-one" stalls park and fold out to be a shop that contains more stock than an Australian Supermarket.
Space is a resourse that is not wasted.

Well - Mark is about to pick us up so I ave to run.
I won't have internet access until Friday evening when I arrive back in Chain Mai.
Happy New years to all.

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