Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The day before...

It's Tuesday evening, 30 hours until I fly out of Townsville on my month long holiday in Thailand.

I tried to begin the whole packing process - but with minimal luck. There is nothing in any of the three bags I am taking. I am mentally going over my list and I think I'm prepared.
A handful of clothes. A few books. Havi's. Joggers. The "make my torso the target" wallet (you know - the one you strap to yourself and you think it is concealed but everyone knows that is where tourists keep their extra cash). Sunnies. Malaria tablets - oops, no I have to pick them up tomorrow. Camera.

I've got my ticket, the first three nights accommodation is booked - I'm set.

Well I'm sure Wednesday night I'll be one of the most hyperactive and restless people in Townsville - and I don't even believe in Santa.

I will endeavor to update my blog as often as possible - with my daily reflections and ponderings - I hope it provides some entertaining and/or provoking reading.


  1. Last time I was at the airport I saw a guy wandering around with one of those money packs strapped to his waist, with the money pockets at the back.

    Yes, I saw it - his shirt was helpfully lying on top of it instead of draping over it, so it wasn't concealed at all, and probably would have been easier to steal money from than his pockets.

    I'm not sure whether I should be telling you to "make sure none of your shirts are red or orange", or "Make sure you have at least one of each" :p

  2. What - you don't belive in Santa. How could you be so cynical. Santa doesn't come to those who don't believe you know!

    Nice to see your blog